JFor now JosMail is being put on hold, due to unforeseen commitments from the project admin and some of the project developers. The JosMail team is grateful for all who have followed the project to this point and have provided support. The project is expected to begin work again sometime in the early part of next year, and I hope all of you who have followed the project will be back and will continue to follow along with our progress.

Project Abstract

JosMail (JAVA Open Source Mail) will be a standalone mail client. The mail program will offer basic email operations and also an advanced feature set. The program will be designed with basic features for beginning users along with advanced features for users that want that extras that are not included in most other mail clients available.

As of now I am planning a mail client that will allow advanced user the option of anonymous mailing. I still want the program simple enough that anyone will be able to use whether or not they use any advanced features. I would like to see some sort of integrated spam/junk mail filtering, basic calendar, maybe if it is even possible some sort of integrated SMS system, and things that are similar to that.

At this point I am planning to use SWT as the UI library unless someone conveniences me otherwise. Once I get a team together I want to discuss with them the direction that they want to see the project head and what additional features that they would like to see in the project.

Please excuse our progress this site is currently under development and may have a few flaws. If you are having problems with the site however please contact the webmaster using the link below and we will be happy to answer your questions.



What's  New

  • Project on hold until further notice
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Key Milestones

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